More than expectation more than a new article. I change the concept of the plating processing.

A "reproduction" of the highest grade quality technique.
I change the concept of the conventional plating processing.
One article supports equally and offers added value!

1. Introducing Our Business Operations

TOYOKOKA Co., Ltd excels in a broad range of fields. Our business activities and operations include the production of the hard chromium plating used in drilling and excavating machines – this includes chrome plating for lathes as well as other construction equipment - however, the main bulk of our business operations consist of providing repair and maintenance for the cylindrical mechanical parts of industrialmachines used to produce various kinds of goods and products.Major clients and further elaboration of our business operations follows below.

[Construction Equipment Industry]

Affiliated dealers include those of the Komatsu, Ltd, the Hitachi Construction Machinery Co., Ltd, the Caterpillar (CAT), and other domestic and international construction equipment repair shops

Left: A damaged piston rod from Hitachi ConstructionMachinery Co., Ltd. Right: After repair; a picture of the same piston rod repaired with hard chrome plating

Left: A piston rod from the Komatsu, Ltd. series that has been heavily bent. Right: A picture of the same piston rod after the bend has been repaired with hard chrome plating.

Left: This is from a KOBELCO Construction Machinery Co., Ltd series dealer: A piston rod that has suffered noticeable crevice damage. Right: Post-repair: A picture of the same rod.

[Hydraulic Equipment Maintenance Industry]We have numerous hydraulic equipment maintenance and repair shops located across Japan.
[Crane Industry]Maintenance shops specializing in the repair of Marine Cranes, Crane Cars, and Land-based Cranes and lifting units.

Left: The outrigger rod of a crane car. The hard chrome plating is peeling. Right: After repair, the hard chrome plating has been restored.)

Left: The rod of a Harbor Crane, exceeding 6m in length. Featuring pits, nicks and marks made by foreign substances. Right: After repair, it has been restored with hard chrome plating.

[The Concrete and Sand Pump Industry] We offer domestic contracting and supply – We provide Pumping Machine maintenance and repair.

Pictured is the driveline of a concrete pumping vehicle. Left: Before repair. It has been worn out by raw concrete. Right: After repair.

Pictured is the pumping cylinder of a concrete pumping vehicle. Left: Before repair. Right: After repair.

[Excavation and Drilling Industry] Nation-wide - Excavation and Drilling Machine maintenance and repair shops.

This is an image of a high-pressure chemical injection pump plunger. Note how the item has been corroded by chemicals. Left: Before repair. Right: After repair.

[Synthetic Fiber Industry] We service Asahi Kasei Corporation - Toray Industries -Mitsubishi Rayon Co., Ltd. as well as other consumers of synthetic fiber rolls. In addition, we provide rolls intended for use in steelmills.We provide accessories and undertake the bottling of factory and drinking water intended for use in the production of beer and other such products.We also oversee cosmetic, toiletry, etc. and powder component manufacturing.

Left: A rolling mill roll used in a steelmill. Numerous surface scratches can be seen. Right: Scratches in the process of being removed through the usage of the chrome plating process.

2. Our Business Development and Expansion focuses on the repair and maintenance of piston rod construction equipment in Japan and China.
Steam shovels,Wheel Loaders, Bulldozers and similar construction machines that consist of numerable and essential cylindrical parts, can often experience wear and erosion to their piston rods over time. However, through the process of machining, chrome plating can be used to repair—and furthermore, improve—these piston rods to a level of efficiency surpassing that of the original article. Subsequently, these improved products can be delivered cheaply to our clients via our approximately 500 domestic offices. In China, various agent stores have been set up under the guidance of major Japanese manufacturers in autonomous regions. The specific process through which repairs and maintenance are carried out is as follows: Shortly after damage is detected the machine or part is delivered to our shop → while there it undergoes the repair and maintenance process → once maintenance has been completed the machine or part is returned. Via this process, domestically, every day numerous piston rod maintenance orders are carried out. In regards to products from China, the process begins at one of the numerous contracted construction equipment maintenance agencies that we have throughout that region → from there, items are collected at a local subsidiary of the major Japanese makers in Shanghai → 20 to 30 parts at a time are delivered by ship from the Port of Shanghai to Mojiko → once arrived, these items are transported by ground freight to our offices → They undergo repair and maintenance → Repairs are completed → They are delivered by ship from Hakata Bay to the Port of Shanghai → They are delivered to the local subsidiary’s office → Once there, they are sent by land transport to various parts of China.

3. Foreign and Regional expectations generated by market research - Trade Study - Co-operative Inquiry
1 Concerning chrome plating,Mechanical processing, Thermal spraying and other methods of machining, seek to determine what, if any, other such merchants exist in the research area or foreign country. Subsequently, if other such merchants are in existence, seek to confirm the level of technological strength that said merchants' products are able to retain once maintenance has been completed.
2 Visit construction equipment maintenance and repair shops and construction equipment